Speakers and Performers

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Featured Speakers

We are pleased to announce our featured speakers for the 2013 Women of Color Conference:

Friday, March 8th
Sydney L. Mosley


Sydnie L. Mosley​ is an artist-activist who is interested in creative work that is both artistically sound and socially aware. She is most satisfied when immersed in dance, fulfilling her perpetual desire to move, know more about movement, and see the positive impact of movement on the lives of others. Sydnie earned her MFA in Dance with an emphasis on Choreography from theUniversity of Iowa, not long after she received her BA in Dance and Africana Studies fromBarnard College at Columbia University. Sydnie’s creative and research interests lie at the intersections of modern dance, movement in the African Diaspora, spirituality, feminism, and literature.​

Her choreographic work seeks to actively engage audiences, and often reflects issues in black cultures and the experiences of women. Her evening length dance,The Window Sex Project, and its creative process, are a model for dance-activism. With it, she uses movement to respond to the sexual harassment of women in public places. ​​​Her dances have been performed extensively throughout New York City and in 2010, she was listed byTheRoot.com as one of twenty-five “Up and Coming: Young Minority Artists and Entrepreneurs.”​

In addition, Sydnie is a dance educator who specializes in teaching modern, jazz and West African dance, amongst other styles.  She teaches babies (really!), K-12, undergraduates, non-dancers and professionals alike, with the motto: if you can move, you can dance!

(Courtesy of http://www.sydnielmosley.com/)

Saturday, March 9th:

Amy André

Amy André is aneducator,writer, andactivist with years of experience focusing on bi and LGBT* community issues. As aPoint Foundation Scholar atUC Berkeley, Amy earned anMBA. She also has anMA in Sexuality Studies. Her work has beenfeatured from Cosmo to PBS, and she’staught thousands of people, atover 100 schools and events across the US.

In addition, Amy is a film afficionada and the director of a documentary titled On My Skin/ En Mi Piel, about a mixed-race transgender man and his family.

Amy’s writing appears in countless places, such as AlterNet, the Bilerico Project, Bridges: A Jewish Feminist Journal, ColorLines, Curve, and the Miami Herald. She has essays in the books LGBTQ America Today, Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity, Waking Up American: Coming of Age Bi-Culturally, Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World, and many more.

(Courtesy of http://www.amyandre.com/)
Sue-Je Gage

The experiences of growing up as a second-generation Korean American and a “mixed-race” American, have shaped Sue-Je’s career as a “native” anthropologist. As an undergraduate, her first class in Anthropology changed her worldview and career goals. She knew immediately that she wanted to be an anthropologist; even though at the time she was a psychology and sociology double major. The two fields didn’t answer her questions about culture, life and people. She saw anthropology as offering us tools to resolve the challenges we face in our world today.

At the end of her senior year, she was awarded a Fulbright to go to South Korea from 1995-1996. This was the first visit to her mother’s homeland and it further solidified her desire to become an anthropologist. Since then she has conducted long-term research in South Korea and the United States. Her research has primarily concentrated on identity, race, belonging and citizenship and the dimensions of state power in defining its citizenry. Other research interests include media representation, mental health and medical anthropology, shamanism, gender, globalization, and the notions of “empire” of the US military.

(Courtesy of http://faculty.ithaca.edu/sgage/)



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