Executive Board

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Speakers Chair: Jinjoo Lee
Policy Analysis and Management ’14
283328_10150713525555416_6599596_nBrave Bodies are real and resilient. Not loud or assuming, they derive strength from within. They stand tall and still in the face of assumptions, racism, sexism, homophobia …, never uprooted from the ground on which they stand. 
Workshops Chair: Anna-Lisa Castle
English ’14
ALC picWhen I think of brave bodies, I think about autonomy. To me, a brave body is one that is powerful and resilient. A brave body does not choose which of its marks defines it, but inhabits them all. A brave body is one that owns the space it occupies, even if it means she has to forge that space first. This is who the Women of Color Conference is for and it’s what we are together. 
 Logistics Chair: Stacy Delapenha
Hospitality Administration ’14
editA Brave Body, to me, represents a woman who is fearless. Regardless of the obstacles that she faces, this woman stands tall when faced with adversity. On the outside, one may just see a beautiful woman, but beneath that beautiful body lays a brave individual who questions things that she knows don’t seem right, who strives to innovate and create paths that have not been created before, and who works twice as hard when her capabilities are doubted. This woman is somewhere within each of us, and she is who this conference is all about. 
 Funding Chair: Ailin Lu
Policy Analysis & Management ’14
Ailin_LuTo me, living as a Brave Body does not mean changing your personality or body only to seem successful, beautiful, or appropriate in other people’s eyes. Rather, it means having the audacity to be kind to yourself and the courage to discover how you are going to be all those things and more on your own terms.
Publicity Chair: Jessica Guadalupe Perez
hey heyA brave body is one that recognizes its authenticity. It’s one that celebrates its strengths and imperfections. It is one who lifts others up and never lets misery have the last say. It is our mothers and grandmothers. A BRAVE BODY is revolutionary. 

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