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Conference Chairs–What are their Movements?

Ashley Harrington ’13 – Logistics

“My movement has no boundaries.  It is a South African woman who suffered corrective rape at the hands of ignorance, a brilliant young man who is illiterate at 17 because older men in his community told him to sell drugs instead of going to the failing school in his neighborhood.  It is the voice of those who have been tortured, silenced, forced into the margins.  My movements is a loud silence, a peaceful uprising, an optimistic hope for humanity.”

Catherine Jung ’13 – Performers/Entertainment

“My movement is for the nameless faces who are afraid to speak up, afraid to question, afraid to step up.  Speaking can be scary but the truth, no matter how clichéd, can set you free. Even if you are penalized otherwise.  Asian American, Woman, Female, Ally, that is only the surface.  Truth be told, I am a defender of humankind, a defender for those to believe, to see, to listen, and to be.”

Khamila Alebiosu ’13 – Workshops

“Where’s My Movement is essentially the question: what does it mean to be revolutionary? While many individuals of multiple backgrounds may or may not feel represented in a particular social movement, it is important to see the movement within yourself. To me, my movement is my freedom, my voice, and my courage to simply be me. In the WASP-Supremacist- Capitalist-Imperialist-Heteronormative- Patriarchy we live in, I believe my movement lies in my authenticity and rejection of conformity.  The movement stems from within and it is my own self-reflection, self-awareness and passion that makes me a revolutionary.”

Marcela Cabello ’13 – Funding

“My movement is one that goes beyond what is visible. It is a movement not of social ascription but of personal experiences and self-identification. Moving beyond my Mexican and American identities, my movement is for the activists, the oppressed, the justice-seekers, and the hopeful.”

Narda Terrones ’14 – Publicity

“I move to the song of the mute and the imagination of the blind. I move to the lyrics of rejection and misapprehension, to the smell of love, to the tears of mi gente, to the touch of compassion, empathy, and understanding.  I move to the idea that one day oppression will not be part of our vocabulary. My movement is to transform colors from race to art.”

Rebecca John ’14 – Speakers

“My movement is the lens through which I view my world. My movement understands identity not as a series of distinct categories, overlapping circles, or  threads of a tapestry, but as a whole composed of pieces that are formed together, grow together, and cannot be separated from each other. My movement wants spaces where we can fit, in our wholeness. My movement wants to understand difference and sameness through stories. My movement believes in the power of humanity to make a change.”

Planning Committee Members: 

  • Aparna Pande ’14 – Publicity
  • Carmen Martinez ’14 – Funding
  • Chandeerah Davis ’12 – Workshops
  • Devika Paul ’14 – Logistics
  • Fatima Farah ’14Workshops
  • Imani Higginson ’14 – Logistics
  • Madison Gratsy ’14 – Logistics
  • Morgann Ross, Grad – Workshops
  • Mytien Nguyen’14 – Publicity 
  • Natasha Lawson13Workshops
  • Olamide Orebamjo ’14 – Logistics
  • Reetchel Presume ’13 – Performers/Entertainment
  • Shannon Issacs ’13Workshops
  • Stacy Delapenha ’14 – Logistics
  • Valerie Titus-Glover ’13 – Logistics 
  • Waru Gichane ’12Workshops
  • Yiqing Zhao ’14 – Funding

Staff Advisers:            

  • Kiranjit Longaker – Assistant Dean of Students, ALANA Programming Board Adviser 
  • Laura Weiss – Assistant Dean of Students, Cornell Women’s Resource Center Director
  • Patricia Nguyen – Assistant Dean of Students, Asian and Asian American Center (A3C) Director
  • Renee Alexander, Ph.D. – Associate Dean of Students, Director of Intercultural Programs
  • Theoria Cason – Residence Hall Director, Ujamaa Residential College

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