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February 20, 2012 by wocccornell

Apply Now To Be A Conference Chair of The Women of Color Conference!!

The Women of Color Conference is pleased to announce that we are taking application for conference chairs for the 2012 WoCC. Thank you for your interest. The following chair positions are available.

Logistics Committee Co-Chair (2)

The two co-chairs will coordinate with their committee all the venue arrangements for the conference. This includes tasks that involve location, conference materials, post- conference evaluations, registration, food services, conference schedule, and linking the committees together. This is great if you are organized, detail-oriented, interested in event planning, or just want to learn how Cornell works.

Workshops Committee Chair (1)

This chair will coordinate the committee that will be designing, organizing, and implementing all the workshops during the conference. This means you will coordinate contacting facilitators and helping to design curriculum. If you have a lot of ideas and are interested in fostering discussion about the experiences of women of color this is for you.

Funding Committee Chair (1)

This chair will coordinate the fundraising effort in order to raise funds for the entire conference, and will be working with every committee to develop budgets. The chair will then coordinate setting a conference budget with the committee and fundraise through various sources on and off campus. People with and without experience may apply, and this is a huge learning opportunity for those who want to learn more about available funding sources. People who are good with letter writing, crunching numbers, and detail oriented are encouraged to apply for this chair position.

Publicity Committee Chair (1)

This chair will coordinate the committee that works to make sure that the conference is made visible to everyone in the Cornell, Ithaca, and surrounding communities. This will span from web design, to creating flyers and quarter cards, to updating the blog, to writing press releases, and everything else that will help to get the word out about the conference. If you have experience with any design program (i.e. Photoshop, InDesign, etc.), web design, promotion, know a lot of people this may be for you, and/or are good at inspiring people to be creative about different ways to advertise this is for you!

Speakers and Performers Committee Chair (1)

This chair will coordinate the committee that brings amazing speakers to campus for the conference keynotes and panel discussions. It will involve choosing speakers, contacting and reaching out to them, drawing up contracts, and continuing to communicate with them throughout the planning process. This chair will also be responsible for garnering performers and entertainers to the Women of Color Conference, providing empowerment and food for thought while participants can enjoy the music, beats, and rhymes!

Students of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply regardless of gender, race, sexuality, religion, and other identities. Application are due by 11:59PM on Friday, March 9th. Thank you so much for taking the time for a chair position for the Women of Color Conference!

Click HERE to Apply!

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